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More information on your New Addition to the family.

Health Tips

  1. Handle with care.

  2. Keep their living area clean.

  3. Learn what "Cecotrope" is.

  4. Parasite and flea prevention.

Diet Tips

  1. Water all the time.

  2. Hay too

  3. Veggies are good for them.

  4. Fruits in moderation.

Beauty Tips

  1. Do not bathe them.

  2. Spot cleaning is necessary.

  3. Mani's and Pedi's!

  4. They like getting their hair brushed.

  5. Their Teeth need to be clean.

  6. Clean ears are a must!

Adoption Tips

  1. We have the right to refuse an adoption for any reason.

  2. All bunnies are sold as Pets.

  3. All bunnies, regardless of sex, will be sold for $100.

  4. If delivered, a charge based on the delivery specs will be applied to the amount due.

  5. Venmo or cash are the preferred method of payment.

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